CAP Small Regular - Knee Length - Box of 10

CAP Small Regular - Knee Length - Box of 10

Box of 10.

CAP Stockings are one of the most advanced anti-embolism stockings available in the world.

Combining a unique design, the most precise fitting method, superior manufacturing and quality control, CAP Stockings deliver prescribed graduated compression for the safe and effective prevention of DVT.

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CAP latex-free anti-embolism stockings are specially designed to provide more pressure at the ankles with the pressure becoming lesser as it moves upward towards the thighs. This helps the blood to move up and out of your legs and allows it to circulate better making it harder for a blood clot (embolism) to form. The process also helps to decrease swelling in your legs by reducing the amount of extra fluid that forms in your lower legs.


Small Regular

  Ankle Circumference     Calf Circumference       Length        Style No.     Colour  

7" - 8"

17.5cm - 20cm

10" - 13"

25.5cm - 33cm

14" - 16"


511 White



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